Cookies policy

1. What are cookies?

  1. Cookies are data stored in the terminal device of an Internet user; they are used by the website to send status information to the Internet user’s browser, and by the browser to send status information back to the site (e.g. session ID, language preferences or date).
  2. Cookies allow status information to be kept, during the validity period of the relevant cookie, when a browser accesses various website pages or when it goes back on this website later.
  3. Only the issuer of a cookie may read or modify the information contained in such cookie.
  4. There are various types of cookies:
    • session cookies, which disappear once you leave the site;
    • persistent cookies, which remain stored in your device until the end of their lifespan or until they are deleted via your browser settings.
  5. You are informed that cookies may be installed on your terminal device when you visit the site.

2. Why do we use cookies?

  1. Reputation VIP uses cookies to analyze the traffic and use of the site.

3. What cookies do we use?

  1. Cookies used on the site are third party cookies restrictedly used by Reputation VIP in order to achieve specified purposes.

3.1 Google Analytics

  1. Reputation VIP uses the services offered by the U.S. company Google Inc.
  2. The data collected via the cookies are transferred and stored by Google Inc.. Google Inc. complies with the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework and thus ensures an adequate level of protection for personal data (European Commission decision 2000/520/EC of 26-7-2000).
  3. Google Analytics helps us to measure the number of visitors and see how they use the site. These cookies are placed and read on the user’s terminal device when they access a website using Google Analytics.
  4. The data generated by the cookies concern the following data:
    • how you interact with the site;
    • what your IP address is in order to locate the town from where you log in. This data is immediately anonymized after your town has been located and is not disclosed to Reputation VIP.
  5. You can find out more about Google Analytics by visiting the page

3.2 Authentication Cookies

  1. Reputation VIP uses authentication cookies to recognize you when you log in to the site. Those cookies are essential to help us identify you each time you visit the site and give you access to your authorized content.
  2. Such authentication cookies are session cookies, i.e. they are deleted when you close your browser.
  3. Without an authentication token stored in an authentication cookie, you would need to give your username and password every time you want to log in to a page.

4. How to manage cookies?

  1. You have several options to manage cookies.
  2. Most browsers are set by default and accept cookies, but you can choose to systematically accept or reject all cookies or only cookies from certain issuers. You may also configure your browser to accept or reject cookies on a case by case basis prior to their installation. You may also regularly delete cookies from your device terminal via your browser. Remember to set all the browsers of your different terminals (tablets, smartphones, computers...).
  3. Each browser has its own way of managing cookies and cookies settings. The configuration of each browser is described in its help menu, which will inform you of how to change their cookie settings. For example:
  4. Please note that when you decide to accept cookies, a consent cookie is installed on your device. Likewise, if you decide to reject cookies, a refusal cookie will be installed on your device. If you delete this refusal cookie, it will no longer be possible to know that you wanted no cookie to be installed. This is why consent cookies and refusal cookies should not be deleted from your device.
  5. Please further note that setting your browser to disable cookies will prevent you from using the site as it will not be accessible.

Cookies ensure the proper functioning of If you continue browsing this website, you accept the use of cookies.    Learn more